Data Analytics Startup Virtyx Acquired by Syniti

Data Analytics Startup Virtyx Acquired by Syniti July 16, 2020 Share this Article Data solutions provider Syniti is keeping things close to home. Headquart

Syniti is retaining key members of Virtyx’s engineering team, per a statement emailed to BostInno, including Virtyx founder Jim Maniscalco, who has joined Syniti as vice president of engineering.

It’s a bit of a homecoming for Maniscalco. The founder spent four years at Syniti as the company’s head of products before leaving to launch Virtyx in 2015. Virtyx’s main offering was cloud-based monitoring software that uses AI to predict and automate the resolution of application, infrastructure and network issues.

With the acquisition, Virtyx’s AI and cloud technology will be fully integrated into the Syniti Knowledge Platform. The integration is designed to power the Syniti platform’s ability to manage data and metadata, as well as provide predictive guidance through the use of AI.

Virtyx’s platform will power several of Syniti’s specialized areas of operation: data quality, data governance and data migration.

“In a world where data drives decision-making across every domain, having insight, reporting and predictive capabilities is imperative to prevent data from being mismanaged or, at the very least, undermanaged,” Syniti CEO Kevin Campbell said in the statement. “With the cloud-based Syniti Knowledge Platform, infused with Virtyx technology, customers can gain greater visibility into metrics and solve critical transformation issues with the guidance, capture and reuse of critical knowledge often locked within data.”

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