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Data Quality is Key to Amplify the Business Value of Your Data

Just announced! The enhanced, cloud-native Data Quality and Data Catalog modules are now live on the Syniti Knowledge Platform (SKP).

We’ve been waiting for this announcement at Syniti for months! Syniti just announced that the enhanced, cloud-native Data Quality and Data Catalog modules are now live on the Syniti Knowledge Platform (SKP). The platform now includes data quality, catalog, matching, replication, migration, and governance, all available under one login, in a single cloud solution. These two new modules enhance the already unified nature of SKP and position enterprise customers with everything they need to create trusted and understood data and to amplify the business value of that data.

There are too many new capabilities, use cases, and benefits to go through here, so let’s jump into some of our favorites.

Deliver results faster with less manual effort

There is a ton of smart automation throughout the data quality workflow. Every step of the way, the system delivers software, suggestions, and AI to get you to clean, trustworthy data more quickly. Here are some of the ways how:

Advanced metadata scanning and profiling

This new upgrade delivers the best automated metadata scanning and profiling capabilities in the business (especially for SAP customers) to give you immediate visibility into your comprehensive data landscape.

Centralized, automated data catalog

Smart scanning results in the automatic creation of a centralized, knowledge-graph powered data catalog that highlights the connections and relationships between your data and provides the framework for the management of rules, policies, and enforcements across your entire enterprise. With self-service capabilities for all stakeholders, users can easily search your data ecosystem to quickly find and access the most important data.


Smart rule recommendation engine

With this release, SKP builds off your metadata and 25 years of best practices to deliver a smart data quality rule recommendation engine. The software provides rule suggestions to significantly accelerate your efforts, allowing you to choose from associated content packs based on your goals.

AI-driven data matching

When most people think of clean data, they think of deduping and matching. With the SKP, you have the only AI-driven data matching and deduplication solution in the market that addresses your full data ecosystem, delivering clean data throughout the enterprise whether your focus is on party data (contacts, accounts, households) or operational data (such as data for the supply chain, parts, products).

Search across the entire data landscape

Our objective is to help democratize data and empower your team with access to knowledge. As such, SKP is designed so that every data stakeholder can work together and have everything they need to find, fix and leverage the data they need. The entire data ecosystem is organized and searchable by business users and analysts, so they can stop spending 50% of their time finding and fixing data.

Uncover millions ($) in savings through actionable insights

Don’t get me wrong, we love automation as much as the next guy, but return-on-investment (ROI) is where the bread is really buttered. Over the years, our customers have consistently asked for help when it comes to understanding how data quality connects directly to ROI, and SKP delivers on that request in a number of ways.

Business outcome dashboards

Our industry-unique business outcome dashboards take advantage of decades of experience to connect specific data quality challenges to their financial impact and provide insight into where potential ROI exists. Customers consistently appreciate how these dashboards help them identify quick wins and build an ongoing business case for data quality efforts.


Easily find ROI and prioritize projects

SKP comes out of the box with hundreds of proven, vetted data quality reports that help rapidly quantify where data quality defects exist. Throughout the system, quality is connected to business value, allowing business users to identify which quality issues are most critical and which projects should be prioritized.


Monitor KPI improvements over time

With the SKP, you can connect data quality to company goals, business concepts, or business processes (like order-to-cash, procure-to-pay, and others) and then track key performance indicators over time. Built-in business intelligence dashboard capabilities allow the data storytellers in your company to visually communicate how data can be a money maker and a competitive differentiator.


Amplify the business value of your data

Trustworthy data is the key to decision-making that reduces risk and drives bottom-line growth. Here are some of the ways Syniti enables organizations to align data with business objectives, rapidly amplify the value of that data, and identify measurable ROI. 

Avoid complexity, sprawl, and cost

Work smarter, not harder with a unified platform for all your data management initiatives and avoid the challenge and cost of point-based solutions. Every data stakeholder works in the same integrated system, working together to accomplish goals and drive values.

Better, faster data migrations

Poor data quality is the leading cause of failed data migrations (believe us, we’ve seen it all). If you are planning to execute on a merger or acquisition, move to SAP S/4HANA or consolidate your HR data to the cloud, Syniti helps you address quality issues prior to or during migration so that you can expect exceptional data quality the day of your boring go-live.

Accelerate future data projects

With the unified nature of the SKP, all your metadata, rules, policies, mappings, and knowledge is centralized and ready for re-use in your next project. With no need to reinvent the wheel at the start of each project, you will accelerate downstream data initiatives by 50% or more.

Make better, data-driven decisions

At the end of the day, having trustworthy data means you can make data-driven decisions with confidence, knowing that your data is clean and accurate.

The new data quality and data catalog capabilities are now live in the Syniti Knowledge Platform.

Want to learn more about these solutions or about how Syniti can help you with all your enterprise data management needs? Register for the complimentary webinar, Bad Data is Costing You Millions: How to Find it, Fix it, and Keep it Clean, here.

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