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Fuel Your Data Migration Journey with Syniti at Sapphire 2024

Help put your business in the fast lane with the Syniti team at SAP Sapphire 2024

Gear up for Sapphire 2024 – the ultimate event as you explore how today’s modern data tools and strategies can help put your business in the fast lane. As the days speed by and we get closer to taking the green flag, we want to shine a spotlight on areas we’re exploring this year at both the Orlando and Barcelona events.

Data-Driven Success Starts with a Data First Strategy

Join us for a deep dive into how quality data fuels superior outcomes across your data projects. We believe Leading Businesses Lead with Data and the future of business demands a solid data foundation. If you’re looking for future-ready data. It’s time to talk to our Pit Crew (our Data Experts!) at Sapphire. With the average S/4HANA migration running for 12-18 months, the 2027 deadline is closer than you think.

Shift Into High Gear at Our Pit Stop Receptions

We’re looking forward to hosting our evening receptions in both Orlando and Barcelona this year! We invite you to join fun evenings of bites, beverages, and brilliant minds. We’d love to see you there!

Shift into happy hour on June 4 with us at Cuba Libre Restaurant & Rum Bar at Pointe Orlando. Rev your engines and toast to victory with the Syniti team at the ultimate pit stop for Orlando Sapphire attendees. Race you to the checkered flag for a full-throttle evening filled with tasty libations.


Cross the finish line of your day and join us for a high-octane reception at the beautiful rooftop bar, Casa Bonay. Race over to our pit stop and fuel up for a turbocharged evening of drinks, nibbles and camaraderie. Shift gears into the ultimate pit stop for Barcelona Sapphire attendees.


Data-Driven Success Stories Take the Lead at SAP Sapphire 2024

Get ready to hear from industry giants who turned their data challenges into triumphs, unlocking unprecedented insights, efficiency, and innovation. Here’s an overview of what you can expect from our customers that will showcase how a strong data foundation can propel your business forward.

Orlando Sessions with Syniti

Mastering Data to Drive Business Agility and Innovation with a Leading Diversified and Integrated Downstream Energy Company

ABOUT: Discover how this company
recognized the critical role of data in navigating their rapidly changing business landscape by embarking on a multi-year digital transformation journey with Syniti. Learn how a Data First approach empowered them to make smarter decisions, drive collaboration, and innovate at scale, unlocking unprecedented business agility. 


Diageo’s Journey: Becoming a Data-Driven Organization on a Global Scale

FEATURING: Diageo - Robert Blumhof – Program Director

ABOUT: Diageo, the world's leading premium drinks company, recognized the need to transform how they approached data, incorporating it into everyday business operations and strategies and launching a multi-year initiative with Syniti to drive global transformation. Discover insights on future-proofing IT with SAP S/4HANA, MDG, and a Data First approach.


Gentex’s Growth Play: Unifying Global Data to Drive Insights & Break Silos

ABOUT: A global leader in manufacturing, Gentex allowed individual sites to operate independently. As the company grew organically and through acquisitions, gaining timely insights from data became increasingly challenging. Discover how they partnered with Syniti to unify data and streamline operations to drive global success across their enterprise.


Barcelona Sessions with Syniti

Secret Sauce for a Successful ECC to S/4HANA GoLive

FEATURING: Bart Kerkhofs, Vice President & Head of IT, Bridgestone Europe NV/SA

ABOUT: Learn the secret ingredients for how Bridgestone was able to achieve incredible success on their ECC to S/4HANA Big Bang Go-Live.  You’ll hear how this ambitious business transformation project was able to recover from major show stoppers to stay on track throughout cutover and achieve 100% master data loads at Go-Live. Hint: It takes a village. 


IKEA's Revolution: Committing + Implementing a Data First Mindset

ABOUT: As a leader in home furnishings and retail, IKEA recognized the transformative power of putting data at the forefront of their digital strategy. Join this discussion on embracing a Data First approach to drive digital transformation and learn how IKEA shifted from a project-based mindset to an organization-wide focus on data as a strategic asset.

Book a Demo to See How Syniti Puts Data in the Driver’s Seat of Your Digital Transformation

Don’t forget to book your own Syniti demo for an in-depth look at how a Data First approach can support all your high-value business initiatives. Reduce operational and infrastructure costs by simplifying your SAP landscape. Get data into the "best fit" through rightsizing, system consolidation, and master data harmonization. As we always say, Just Say No to Lift and Shift!

Hurry! Slots for our demos at Sapphire 2024 are filling up fast so reserve your timeslot today!

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