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It’s an all too familiar scene: Data’s scattered about in various spreadsheets and systems, and you’re tasked with bringing it all together. That means getting it out of people's heads, off of people's laptops, off their desktops, and into a centralized tool that can now be used for anything data related. 

Whether it's data quality, data matching, or replicating data from one system to the next, there's all kinds of opportunities that come from centralizing data onto a single platform. And while the value of centralizing data is well understood these days, it’s less well-known how exactly to do that successfully, efficiently, and within a repeatable, auditable process to move data from Point A to Point B. It's a complex task that demands a high level of expertise and precision. This is where professional services in the data migration industry come into play.

The Need for Data Migration Specialists

The success of a data migration effort is not just about lifting and shifting data, but also about empowering the team to make data-driven decisions. It’s not just about the ongoing migration effort or quality effort but software enablement as well. 

Data migration consulting goes far beyond simply sitting behind a computer developing code. It involves actively engaging with the business, understanding its needs, and providing expert advice. Data consultants play a crucial role in identifying issues from a data perspective, validating data, and highlighting potential risks. By being present throughout the process, consultants can build trust, understand the business's pain points, and provide tailored solutions.

When embarking on a data migration project, Syniti’s task force of data experts couples their understanding of our process and methodology with their understanding of the specific business and the process behind it. Anybody can do the technical movement of data, but an implementation partner should be an expert in all the things connected to the company’s data, so its people can get more use and more value out of the solution. 

Empowering and Enabling Teams Beyond Go-Live

It’s not just about the ongoing migration effort or quality effort; the true value of professional services in data migration lies in empowering and enabling teams beyond the go-live phase. By providing in-depth knowledge of the migration process and methodology, teams become self-sufficient and can manage smaller migrations in-house. This knowledge transfer is crucial for businesses undergoing frequent changes, acquisitions, or upgrades, as they need to be equipped to handle data migrations efficiently. 

For instance, acquiring a new company in the midst of a migration wave isn’t uncommon. That newly-acquired company has their own infrastructure that needs to be integrated with the existing. Now the team is equipped to figure out what the best approach is. With the repeatable process and getting the data in front of them, teams are able to understand not just the technical side of things but how it relates to the business as well. 

People, Tools, Methodology

That's what Syniti does for data migration. Syniti does it differently from a people perspective, going in and going out. From the beginning, people are involved in the process. We’re getting out from behind the computer and providing best practices, building trust, and really being a partner. That’s because we know there’s so much more to a successful migration than the movement of data. 

People are at the core of a successful data migration. Skilled professionals with years of experience ensure the process runs smoothly. The right methodology is equally important, providing a repeatable and standardized process that delivers consistent results. When combined with robust tools, these elements form a powerful trio that enables data migration specialists to fulfill their promises.

Finding the Right Implementation Partner for Your Migration

The benefits of engaging professional services for data migration are manyfold. Professional services in the data migration industry play a pivotal role in ensuring that businesses can confidently and efficiently transfer their data from one system to another. With the right expertise, methodology, and tools, data migration becomes a smooth and seamless process. As more organizations recognize the value of specialists in data migration, they can look forward to streamlined operations, enhanced data quality, and improved overall efficiency in their data-related processes.  

Keep your organization competitive in a data-driven economy with Syniti’s team of 100% data-focused experts.


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