How Syniti Lives its Core Values – Impacting Our Customers, Each Other, and Our Communities

At Syniti, we begin each day with respect and trust. We look out for each other – and our customers – and we celebrate diverse perspectives.

Syniti’s purpose in the software industry is to ignite growth for our customers. How we do that is our competitive advantage.

We also have a competitive advantage with our people, our Synizens. And because those are not trade secrets, we are proud to share our intentional core values that help us build the world’s best data company.

Syniti’s people advantages are that we Think Big, Be Curious, Take Action, and are Stronger Together.

To Think Big, we:

  • Relentlessly pursue market innovation by improving our existing offerings and rolling out fresh solutions for our customers.
  • Set the standard by which others follow by being innovative and creative in our solutions approach.
  • Create solutions that have a meaningful impact for our customers.
  • Solve challenges our customers don’t know they have by helping them identify risks.

And when we are not directly on a project, working to solve a customer’s need, we are playing around with code and inventing new applications for future impact. And – we have fun doing it!

Take DemoJam, for example.

“DemoJam embodies the best of Syniti and highlights all our core values,” says David Williamson, SVP for Syniti’s Data Migration Practice. “Even before the first official event, our teams worked hard to Think Big and understand the most complicated challenges in front of our customers, and they Take Action to solve them through the power of the platform and their skills.”

“As Syniti grew into the best data company in the business it became even more important to share those solutions across our regions and teams, and the concept of DemoJam was born.”

For years, the DemoJam celebration was one of the marquee events during our TechEd gathering, with participants (aka, Jammers) getting to highlight their innovations live for their peers and a panel of judges. Every year Jammers would get up on stage with the goal of highlighting their solutions against the important measures of Originality, Maturity, Customer, and Market Value, within a short 10-minute presentation. Whether the solution was focused on powerful but simple functionality, a cool extension of existing solutions, or represented a brand-new application, their passion and excitement was always on high display, and the crowd supported them with exclamations and applause. 

Even after becoming a virtual event, the solutions on display from DemoJam have helped shape the Syniti Knowledge Platform, fuel Professional Services Accelerators and have inspired our teams across the globe to Stay Curious and collaborate with each other to be Stronger Together.

“DemoJam remains one of the most important activities in the Syniti year, as a celebration of the vast talent that we have across the globe and our constant quest to solve the most complex data challenges for our customers,” Williamson adds.

And it’s an excellent example of our core value collaboration.

But wait, there’s more.

Like, Be Curious.

The basic tenants of this core value are to 1.) be a lifelong learner, 2.) understand our competition and the world, and 3.) to challenge preconceptions. There are more, but we want to hang here for a moment and talk about the value of being a lifelong learner – no matter who you work for.

Kevin Gulley, senior director for global product marketing, has been with Syniti for two years but learned about 11 years ago the value of using yoga, meditation, and mindfulness to manage stress.

“I’ve always been a voracious reader and learner and one of the things I’ve loved most about my career is that it has allowed me to learn a ton about a whole variety of different technologies and business models,” Gulley says. “About 11 years ago I decided that I was tired of being stressed out all the time and having trouble sleeping, so I went down the path of learning about yoga, meditation and mindfulness and have worked to integrate that into my daily personal and business life.

Prior to practicing mindful meditation, I often found myself caught up in an internal dialogue and didn’t (couldn’t) recognize that the voice I was listening to was often troubling while projecting into the future or dwelling on the past,” Gulley explains.

“When I came to understand that I could recognize that voice (thought) for what it was – just another object in the universe – it empowered me to stop letting my own thoughts have so much power over me. I learned to let those thoughts go and come back to the present moment. Doing so has allowed me to dramatically reduce the amount of stress and anxiety in my life and approach work, interacting with others and executing on future-focused projects with more joy and ease.”

By being a lifelong learner, Kevin has positively affected his work life by drastically reducing his stress level. Now, as a core leader for our wellness employee resource group, he is helping other Synizens discover and implement the mindfulness tools he has used. (Watch for more about our seven employee resource groups in an upcoming blog post!)

Synizens also Take Action.

Not only is it commonplace for our employees to take accountability, they also are incredibly good at inspiring others by doing. One example is the meditation and mindfulness story above.

Another core element of the take action value is to make a difference every day. An internal kudos from a leader or colleague, a social media shout-out, a birthday, work anniversary, or other milestone mention – these happen every day at Syniti, and they create a culture of appreciation.

Our Synizens also take action in their own communities through our Syniti Gives Back program. While informal, the program encourages employees to make a difference by taking volunteer time off to give back where they work and live. With most of our global employees working remotely, having volunteer time off gives employees the freedom to support the causes and organizations they care about.

We definitely are Stronger Together.

At Syniti, we begin each day with respect and trust. We look out for each other – and our customers – and we celebrate diverse perspectives. This is how we grow. This is how we get better. This is how we are building the world’s best data company.

Would you like to join us? We invite you to search our open positions today by visiting our Syniti Careers site.

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