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Introducing Syniti Migrate: Frictionless Data Migration. Complexity welcomed.

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It’s a big day at Syniti!  I’m extremely excited to announce the first of multiple updates to our industry-leading Syniti Knowledge Platform this year. Building on the platform’s history of success in complex enterprise data migrations, the company is introducing the fully cloud-based version of Syniti Advanced Data Migration, now called Syniti Migrate 

For those of you that know and love us, we’d like you to know that the best data migration solution on the planet is getting better.  If you’re just getting to know Syniti, we deliver frictionless enterprise data migrations in the simplest or the most sophisticated of scenarios.  Having delivered over 4,000 successful go-lives for many of the world’s leading businesses, when it comes to migrations, we like to say “complexity welcomed”. 

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Syniti Migrate is more than just an upgrade of smart software, it’s 25 years of unparalleled expertise and best practices, baked in. We deliver a single, unified cloud data management platform that supports every project stakeholder working in one system to deliver faster, secure migrations that result in boring go-lives, without fail. The Syniti Knowledge Platform helps customers avoid the complexity, sprawl and cost of multiple systems, by delivering a single, tightly integrated solution with all the functions necessary for frictionless data migrations in one location.  These include capabilities like migration-specific tooling, powerful data scanning and profiling, data replication, data cataloging, data matching and deduplication, data quality, real-time project and data analytics, and built-in best practices. 

General availability of Syniti Migrate can be expected this summer, so let’s dig into just a few of the things you will get EVEN MORE OF with the release of Syniti Migrate. 

Even Lower Risk 

Minimizing the risk of project failure or avoiding the rollout of a new solution that does not meet business expectations is at the very top of the wish list for enterprise migration buyers. Syniti Migrate delivers new solutions that will help drive down those risks even more than we already do (and that’s saying a lot…Syniti has a 99.7% customer satisfaction score). 

Streamlined User Experience for all users  

Syniti Migrate makes it even easier for all team members to work together.  With this update, every stakeholder will be provisioned with a streamlined user interface, delivering exactly the features they need to make their job easier and their efforts more successful. 

Minimizing potential points of failure 

One of the highest risk areas in data migrations is around the distributed and manual nature of the development of mappings and ETL code (thousands of Excel spreadsheets, anyone?).  With enhanced auto-code generation capabilities for native transformations and validations, as well as for 3rd party ETL tools, Syniti Migrate reduces the manpower needed for custom code generation by up to 80%.  Not only can you rest easy knowing that all this code will be accurate and consistent, but your project just got a lot less expensive.   

Intelligent enterprise-ready data at Go-live 

Routinely (OK, always, unless the customer just wants to lift-and-shift data) Syniti Migrate delivers 99.9% data quality as a result of the migration process.  Now this will be even more powerful with the integration of Syniti’s powerful and flexible data catalog into the heart of the data quality and data migration effort. 

Even More Control of Your Data 

Your data is one of your most valuable assets and Syniti ensures that value is maximized and protected. Syniti Migrate includes new functionality to ensure your data is even more secure, trusted and understood, and ready to create value for your enterprise in the short and long term. 

Data location and security on your terms 

Syniti Migrate now provides customers with the flexibility to determine where they want to securely stage and store their data.  With support for all hyperscalers, you can choose to stage your data for migration on-premise, in your private cloud, with a hyperscaler, or host with Syniti.  The lightweight, lightning-fast connections bring computing power to your data, not your data to the computing power. 

Deeper understanding of your data with centralized data catalog 

One of the most exciting aspects of this launch is the tight integration of Syniti’s powerful catalog into the migration effort.  Now when data is scanned and profiled, Syniti’s smart system organizes that data into a central, shared catalog that is foundational to the platform. Metadata, rules, policies, data quality, company, and process goals are right at your fingertips. 

Re-use knowledge for future data projects 

Customers tell us all the time that one of the reasons they love Syniti is that they were sick of throwing away all their hard work. With enhanced scanning, catalog capabilities and the automated capture of all project and system metadata, it is even easier than ever to re-use rules, policies, processes, mappings, and more, to accelerate your future data projects by 50%. 

Even More Project Acceleration 

There are scores of enhancements in Syniti Migrate that help accelerate migrations that we could talk about, but let’s focus on a few that I know you’ll like.  

Improved metadata scanning and data profiling 

If you’re into fast, accurate scanning and profiling capabilities, you’re going to love these upgrades in Syniti Migrate.  If you’re all about scanners for SAP, we simply have the best in the business. The fact that all metadata is auto-populating the core data catalog makes the system even more powerful and usable.   

Enhanced Migration-specific Capabilities 

With every migration, things come down to the brass tacks of mapping, creating code, and reporting on where things stand. Syniti Migrate delivers on all these fronts with improved Auto-generation of code for both native and third-party ETL, an enhanced mapping User Experience, and more (and deeper) out-of-the-box project reporting and dashboarding. 

Built-in content accelerators 

Syniti Migrate delivers best practice-based ‘accelerator packs’ that you can choose from to help jumpstart your migration project. For example: 

  • SAP ECC to SAP S/4HANA mappings pre-built (plus easy, cloud-based UI to update the mappings to support your custom requirements) 
  • Hundreds of pre-vetted and proven data quality rules, reports, and dashboards ready to plug-and-play 
  • SAP Business Partner Harmonization pack to streamline the transformation of ‘Customers and Vendors’ to ‘Business Partners’ in S/4HANA 

No-code cleansing of data  

Except in the most generic of scenarios, there will be times when the data in your source system won’t play nice with the data your new target system wants and it needs to be harmonized.  Syniti Migrate delivers simple to use, web page-based, no-code development capabilities to help you quickly address these issues without needing to bring in coders. Get ready to eliminate tons of spreadsheets. 

Even More Unified Capability 

The Syniti Knowledge Platform (SKP) has always provided a comprehensive, silo-free data management solution, but with this Syniti Migrate launch, some of our core capabilities are even more tightly integrated together, delivering an even more powerful experience. 

Syniti Replicate 

Available both as a standalone data replication and change data capture (CDC) solution for years, and as a component of the Syniti Knowledge Platform, Syniti Replicate is now fully integrated with Syniti Migrate.  Used out-of-the-box to deliver faster source extracts, our proven, enterprise-scale data replication engine will deliver more connectivity to perform batch and change data capture extracts. 

Syniti Match 

Get ready to take advantage of the most powerful, AI-driven data matching and deduplication solution on the market, cooked right into your migration solution.  With pre-loaded taxonomies and characteristic sets, Syniti Match (formerly 360Science) helps accelerate the move towards clean, trustworthy data. 

Syniti Quality 

I can’t wait for this one…it’s wicked exciting! (sorry, my Boston just snuck through).  We’ve already covered the catalog, which is available now, and in June we will be launching Syniti Quality, which is a reimagined, redesigned, web-based data quality solution that builds upon our legacy of excellence in data quality (six-straight Gartner Data Quality Magic Quadrants).  

Stay tuned for more details in the weeks and months to come. Expect general availability of the software in Summer 2022.  To learn more about Syniti Migrate or any Syniti solution, contact us today. 

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