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Five Reasons SAP MDG is Better with Syniti RDG

Get the most out of your SAP MDG investment with Syniti’s Rapid Data Governance solution

At Syniti, we love SAP Master Data Governance (MDG). Many of our customers who work with sensitive data depend on SAP MDG’s data application to securely access, govern, and manage master data sets in real-time.

What is SAP MDG?

SAP MDG is a master data management (MDM) application that offers a way to curate consistent and high-quality master data. It gives organizations a single trusted view of their data to directly address digital, operational, and analytical challenges.

Organizations implementing SAP MDG typically are looking for an easier way to practice data management, increase data accuracy, and reduce their infrastructure’s total-cost-of-ownership (TCO). The goal may be to simplify the system landscape, move to the cloud with synchronized master data, connect transactional and IoT or other big data systems, or prepare for a move to the Intelligent Suite, such as SAP S/4HANA, SAP C/4HANA, and SAP SuccessFactors.

Getting the Most Out of SAP Master Data Governance

As valuable as an investment into SAP MDG can be, getting the project off the ground can come with its own challenges. A high-cost investment known for its implementation challenges, it can be difficult to ensure a positive ROI when implementing SAP MDG. Syniti Rapid Data Governance (RDG) empowers organizations to adopt a modern, agile approach to MDG implementation.

But don’t just take our word for it - Here are five simple reasons why you should combine your SAP MDG implementation with the power of Syniti.

Five Reasons SAP MDG is Better with Syniti RDG

Reason #5: Streamlined MDG data model maintenance

Traditionally, MDG Data Model Extension is considered a highly technical task. RDG allows users to implement Dynamic and Parallel steps for complex workflow scenarios, eliminating the tedious steps of workflow maintenance followed in a traditional approach.

Users can easily create new data models and add entities and attributes with RDG's intuitive, easy-to-use hierarchical user interface. MDG data models can also be easily extended in minutes for materials, business partners, finance master data, and more.

Reason #4: Easy visual rules editor & generator

Reduce manual data entry and improve data quality with the visual rules editor that takes advantage of SAP Business Rule Framework (SAP BRF) and automatically allows you to add validation and derivation rules to MDG configuration tables. With the visual workflow designer, users can streamline MDG workflow creation and maintenance to create new change request types, add workflow approvers, and configure actions. Even users having no prior experience in the SAP BRF+ application, Decision Tables, or ABAP programming can easily navigate the tool.

Reason #3: User-friendly, graphical workflow management

No developer skills? No problem. Syniti RDG's user-friendly interface simplifies and automates SAP MDG for data model maintenance, workflow design, business rule creation, and more. The intuitive, point-and-click UI allows you to quickly bring your existing team up to speed without the need for specialized training, coding ability, or expensive, third-party experts.

Reason #2: Reduced SAP MDG implementation costs by up to 40%

SAP MDG implementations often require specialized employee training, making it difficult for organizations to adopt and execute on the new technology. With proven technology, methodology, and expertise, it is possible to get MDG up and running fast. RDG automates many of the technical configuration steps required to implement SAP MDG.

RDG also auto-generates configuration entries in the MDG system, allowing your implementation team to configure the solution live. With your team running the show, MDG implementations become more nimble and cost-efficient.

Reason #1: Reduced project time and resources by 50%

Time consuming tasks like data model extension, business rule generation and Workflow maintenance are all automated through APIs on Syniti RDG.

With RDG, we aim to empower customers to adopt a modern, agile approach with real-time prototyping and solution development in plain sight. Automations enable the implementation team to configure the solution live, while RDG’s always up-to-date enterprise information catalog with real-time dashboards provides end-to-end visibility into business standards, mapping rules, and dependencies.

Accelerate Your SAP MDG Implementation

Syniti’s RDG automates many of the steps required to implement MDG with an elegant UI, reducing the cost of MDG implementation tremendously and empowering analysts with no coding experience.

Syniti’s prebuilt templates, interfaces, and code are based on proven implementations worldwide. With a deep history in governance, data quality, and business process for information governance, our data specialists deliver best practices guidance and workflow for faster, proven governance implementations.

Interested in learning more about how to get the most out of your SAP MDG investment? Watch the on-demand webinar, “Unleashing the Full Potential of Master Data Governance

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