Syniti Celebrates: Sustainability, Allyship, Wellness, and Each Other

At Syniti, we are grounded in four core values: Think Big, Stay Curious, Take Action, and Stronger Together.

It’s common for Syniti to have something to celebrate – from completing a successful Boring Go-Live® for a customer, to engaging a new company for data transformation, to sharing kudos of teammates who’ve done a stellar job – there is always something to celebrate at Syniti.

Celebrating Sustainability

At Syniti, we are grounded in four core values: Think Big, Stay Curious, Take Action, and Stronger Together. These values are elemental to who we are as a company and fuel the data magic we bring to our customers. Syniti also is committed to helping reduce the carbon footprint by planting trees for each successful customer Go-Live and through our growth with each new employee.

In April (think Earth Day and Arbor Day), we shared about Syniti Forest (cue cool video), where we seek to reduce the average per-person carbon footprint. Offsetting the carbon footprint by planting trees will take time and is a collective effort, but we have goals.

By the end of 2023, Syniti Forest will support the planting of more than 14,000 trees in five locations near communities where Syniti operates. Learn more about those locations here.

It may be too soon to celebrate this goal, but it’s never too soon to start planning the party.

We also celebrate the work our employee resource groups (ERGs) did in Q2 to engage employees in wellness activities in May and educate them about allyship throughout Pride Month.

Celebrating Wellness

Syniti’s F.I.T. Fam (Fitness Inspiration Team) ERG brought their A-game in May with a lineup of events that nourished the entire organization, including work-from-home tips, nutrition myth busters, how to add activity to your workday, meditation and mindfulness, inspiration and goal setting, the elements of happiness, and a live chair-yoga session. One engaged participant enthusiastically shared, “These sessions have been great!”

F.I.T. Fam also provided weekly wellness trackers targeted to each activity and awarded gift cards to five winners (random drawing of all who participated).

One fortunate winner said: “…with the Amazon gift card I was lucky to win (plus a little additional $ 🤣), I wanted to share my good fortune! I was able to get new swings, a monkey bar, and a saucer swing for our backyard swing set for the grandkids to play on and for all of us to have more outdoor fun! I can’t wait until they see it!” (They did see it, by the way – we have the cute pic to prove it. 😉)

F.I.T. Fam hailed wellness and well-being all month, and the impact of their efforts extends into remote workspaces, kitchens, office chairs, backyards, and even into future generations. That is something to celebrate!

Celebrating Allyship

At Syniti, we Think Big about diversity and inclusion - and that includes allyship. Steeped in our core values, we encourage all allies to Take Action (show empathy), Stay Curious (educate themselves), and make space for the group members they support - because we are Stronger Together.

In June, two employee resource groups hosted events to spark education and spread awareness.

BEN & Friends (Syniti’s Black Employee Network) ERG hosted a special program around “Juneteenth: Where Are We Now?” with visual artist Baruti H. Tucker. The inspiring presentation celebrated how far we’ve come since the eradication of slavery in the United States in 1865 while underpinning the progress still needed in areas of mental well-being, compassion, and all-too-common injustices. Baruti, a painter in Augusta, Georgia, who uses no brushes for his art, invited the audience to select what he would paint during his unique presentation – a welcomed way to include all participants in the painting party.

Later that month, Syniti’s LGBTQIA+ ERG invited Felix Perez Lara, a UX/UI designer with Boehringer Ingelheim, as a guest speaker for their Pride Month main event. Felix, an engaged member of LetBE, Boehringer Ingelheim’s LGBTQIA+ ERG, graciously shared his experiences and insights as a gay man in the tech industry.

Meanwhile, we launched an internal Ally Rally to educate all employees about the benefits of allyship in the workplace. While the Ally Rally was clothed in Pride colors, allyship applies to all seven of Syniti’s employee resource groups. And it is summed up nicely by this Ally Rally feedback:

“I am convinced that diversification is the most powerful force in our world today and the need to celebrate our differences is critically important for the future of humanity.”

Celebrating Dedication

None of these inspiring and educational programs would be possible without leadership support, executive sponsors, and dedicated employee-volunteers who give extra time to bring these programs to life. We applaud them!

Watch for future blogs with highlights from Syniti’s other employee resource groups. All of these groups make us #StrongerTogether.

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