Syniti’s Employee Resource Groups: A Few of Our Favorite Things

Embracing our culture of inclusion, our Employee Resource Groups help nourish our diverse culture with mission-driven events, intentional connections, and a variety of perspectives.

Asking our Employee Resource Group (ERG) leaders to share their favorite thing about being involved with Syniti’s inclusion culture this year is like gathering brown paper packages tied up with strings. We’ve unwrapped them here to share a few of their favorite things.

Suzanne Barth, Syniti’s chief people officer, often says: “Innovation drives inclusion and inclusion drives innovation.” With her full support, Syniti’s seven ERGs hosted 14 global events in 2022 that were attended by more than 1,600 #Synizens.

The result was like raindrops on roses: Our volunteer leaders nourished our diverse culture with mission-driven events, intentional connections, and a variety of perspectives. (Read more about our culture of giving here.)

Mission-driven Leadership

BEN & Friends co-chair Kelley Grayson says a few of her favorite things about leading the ERG are being exposed to topics and ideas from others’ perspectives…things that make her go ‘Hmmm…I didn’t know that!’ and connecting with co-workers that she wouldn’t normally get to work with to plan global events.

BEN & Friends ERG’s mission is to support the commitment to increased diversity and the inclusion of Syniti’s Black colleagues.

Women In Tech ERG co-chair Sandee Powers says her favorite thing was learning about the many different women's accomplishments in tech while researching for International Women's Day and Women’s History Month.

Women In Tech ERG’s mission is to provide a platform for the ongoing engagement and advancement of women in technology (WIT), and provide opportunities for networking, support, and collaboration in support of WIT around the globe.

Intentional Connections

Syniti’s Intergenerational ERG chair Juan Carlos Valerio says his favorite thing is seeing the team getting engaged and involved in different activities that bring us together and unveil the human side of Syniti.

Intergenerational ERG’s mission is to facilitate intergeneration teamwork and collaboration among all of Syniti's generations in the workplace to remain #StrongerTogether.

F.I.T. Fam ERG co-chair Christa Turner says a few of her favorite things are meeting like-minded colleagues who join together around wellness. “Being able to support Syniti in their desire to focus on wellbeing is exciting and fun,” she says.

F.I.T. Fam ERG co-chair Lauren Yealdhall says her favorite thing is connection: “I love being a part of the F.I.T. FAM ERG because I felt very siloed on my project life and the ERG has opened me up to great networking opportunities within Syniti. I am grateful for these new connections.”

F.I.T. Fam stands for “Fitness Inspiration Team.” This group is new in 2022 and was created to support the holistic fitness of our Syniti family by inspiring all aspects of physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

Variety of Perspectives

Luz Hormazabal, HOLA chair, was easily able to remember her favorite things: “There are many things I find important about ERGs – like helping to create a culture of inclusion, bringing awareness about hidden or difficult cultural topics in the workplace, helping colleagues feel connected through a common cause or interest, promoting allyship and collaboration, building a work culture that is honest and transparent where people feel comfortable being themselves.

“But what I have certainly enjoyed the most has been creating visibility for colleagues who are active but not necessarily seen,” Luz adds. “We organized and launched the Latin & Hispanic Heritage Month at Syniti in 2022 where each one of the HOLA! committee members played a part, with the result of showcasing to the entire company how talented, fun, and smart they are beyond their role at the company.”

HOLA! ERG’s mission is to create a supportive environment for the Latin & Hispanic community and contribute to their professional success as well as to Syniti’s business goals. To raise understanding of our diverse cultures and eliminate stereotypes through education about the cultural diversity across the Latin & Hispanic population.

Drew McMillan, LGBTQIA+ chair, enjoys bringing employees together in unity, support, and encouragement of our fellow LGBTQIA+ Synizens who share their rich heritage and talents with Syniti every day.

LGBTQIA+ ERG’s mission is to identify ways we can continue to support and include LGBTQIA+ employees in our business and continue our commitment to making Syniti feel like home to all.

Ed Bennett, Proud to Serve chair, is an Army Reserves veteran who says his favorite thing about leading this group is the support from Syniti leadership that allows him to carry the torch and demonstrate our commitment to those who have served in military forces around the globe.

Proud to Serve ERG’s mission is to foster an inclusive work environment that supports the recruitment, retention, and professional advancement of military veterans across all countries and at all levels.

As 2022 wraps up, we know that the culture at Syniti is enhanced by the efforts of these volunteer leaders. “Watching these leaders embrace their group’s mission and work to provide meaningful and relevant events for the larger organization – above and beyond their professional roles at Syniti – has definitely been one of my favorite things this year,” says Amy Van Vleck, internal and executive communications manager. And, as our silver-white winters melt into springs, we look forward to another productive and inspiring workplace in 2023.

If you or someone you know is interested in a career at Syniti, take a look at our career postings to learn more. A job at Syniti could become your new favorite thing.

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