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The Cost of Bad Data in Sales and Marketing - Infographic

If your business is experiencing the pain of bad data, don’t delay taking action. You could turn your issue into a competitive advantage over the majority of the marketplace.

To celebrate the release of Syniti’s new data matching integration for the world's leading CRMs, let’s dig into the very real challenges that enterprise sales and marketing teams face with bad data. Today, critical factors such as marketing campaigns, lead attribution, and sales workforce efficiency are all being negatively impacted by poor data quality and duplicates polluting enterprise CRMs. But what is the cost of this damage? What is the scale of the problem?

To help quantify this, check it out the infographic below.


As you can see, the scale of these costs is massive. Polluted sales and marketing data has real costs and deserve to be addressed with real urgency.

To read more about Syniti’s data matching integration for the world's leading CRMs, visit our website.

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