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The Heartbreak of a Bad Match

Finding data matches isn't as easy as finding matches on dating apps with a simple swipe left or right. Learn more about data matching to avoid heartbreak.

It's in the air like the common cold. This time of year, it seems like everyone everywhere is talking about it: finding the right match.    

Since Tinder’s initial launch back in 2012, dating services and apps have risen up to make finding a match sound so simple: swipe right if you find them interesting, swipe left, and they disappear.  

If only finding true matches in the world of data, CRMs, and analytics was really that simple. CRM technology has typically not kept the pace fast enough to live up to its name and maintain a truly personal feeling relationship with the real person. And why not? If there’s one thing the $3+ billion dating app industry has made abundantly clear, it is that people care about being matched with the right person.

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Why is it so hard to find the right match? 

The thing is, finding a quality match depends on the quality of the information you have. Fake profiles and duplicate accounts aren’t just limited to Tinder; our databases and CRMs contain about 30%-50% inaccurate data. And with so much data in motion, keeping up with it all is downright impossible. People change and move so fast these days, by the time you do make a match, those profiles might as well be completely different people.  

Missing data, inaccurate data, outdated’s no wonder we spend 1 out 5 business days of every week rifling through it all. 

Along our quest to find – and keep – those matches, it's easy to get led astray. Too often, we find ourselves sacrificing one thing for another because the right match starts to seem so, so far off. And by the time we do start to find matches, we’re so tired of the search that settling for “OK” matches doesn’t seem so bad....until it is. 

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What Settling for the Wrong Match is Costing Us  

When it comes to matching up with the wrong person, it’s apparent it comes at a cost. To be precise, that cost is access to 99.5% of our data, $12.9 million in losses, 15-25% of our revenue, and about $90 million in data consumption. 

And let's not even talk about what it does to our reputation. Encounter a series of bad matches, and it impacts your existing relationships as much as prospective ones.   

Let’s face it - If data quality lies at the heartbeat of an organization, a bad match can break it. 

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There’s No Duplicate for the Right Match 

These days, it’s abundantly clear – there's no replacement for connecting with the right people. 

But what if, in business, life, and data, finding the right matches wasn't about simply subscribing to a basic set of rules and settling for whatever comes your way. A matching solution capable of personalizing matches for you and what you’re looking for. After all, every match is made up of human beings – not algorithms. 

In a world where rules and algorithms and scripts seem to define whom we match up with, do we need to start breaking some rules of our own to see things clearly?  

What can AI do to help us find the right match? 

From how we match dates to how we match data, today’s “matchmaking” technology is working with the hottest couple in town – AI and data – to change the way people are matched. 

Pulling from an abundance of resources and characteristics across multiple profiles, matching solutions have the ability to learn and develop an insightful sense of what makes each person a “match” in a more nuanced and reliable way than even your best friend can do. 

Taking the burden of the search off the user, matching solutions do what we humans simply can’t do fast enough — analyze it. Utilizing data, AI, and algorithms, we don’t have to settle for feeling like every interaction with our data is a blind date. 

This algorithm approach to matching answers the call of those strapped for time (and patience). We get an extra side of assurance knowing the experience is less random and has a higher compatibility potential. Just increasing that potential by 10% could result in $65 million in additional net income, so at least we’d get our ROI back from all those blind dates.  

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Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make Me a Match 

Finding the right match doesn’t have to be complicated. Thanks to accessible, accurate, AI-powered matching solutions, the business of matchmaking today is getting a whole lot more personal. Thanks to innovations in the way we use AI and proprietary matching algorithms, we can finally feel like we have a complete view of a person in order to make a trustworthy, informed decision - No swiping required (unless you really want to).  

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