This Employee Resource Group is Mixing it Up During Intergeneration Month

Syniti’s Intergenerational Employee Resource Group bridges the cross-generational gap by providing a transparent forum to facilitate exchanges and dialogues across generations.

September is Intergeneration Month and no matter which generation you belong to, you work alongside four other generations that may work to a different tune.

Intergenerational connections play a crucial role in creating a strong and harmonious workplace. It is the bond between different age groups that promotes the exchange of knowledge, values, and experiences.

The Professional Playlist

For the best workplace collaboration, it’s important to understand today’s generational mix. In 2023, there are five generations represented in the common workplace. They are*:

  • Traditionalists – (Born before 1946) Traditional, loyal, seek to help.
  • Baby Boomers – (Born 1946-1964) Focused, goal-oriented, disciplined.
  • Generation X – (Born 1965-1980) Independent, values work-life balance, productive.
  • Millennials (Generation Y) – (Born 1981-1994) Confident, results-oriented, collaborative.
  • Generation Z – (Born after 1994) Competitive, tech-savvy, independent.

(*For a deeper look at the values of each generation, read the article: 5 Generations in the Workplace: Their Values and Differences |

The Digital Age

In today's fast-paced world, intergenerational understanding and communication seem to be losing strength, given all the different modes and styles of communication and interactions.

One of the main reasons behind a decline in generational mixing is the increasing reliance on technology. With the advent of smartphones and social media, many people spend more time interacting with their peers online rather than seeking wisdom and insights from their elders. This digital divide can lead to a disconnect between generations, causing a loss of knowledge and perspective that can only be gained through intergenerational interactions.

Additionally, modern life has created a less practical environment for intergenerational connections. Many families are now scattered across different cities or countries, making it challenging to regularly engage with grandparents or older relatives. As a result, the wisdom and life experiences that could be shared among generations are being lost. Which leaves us with less perspective when working alongside differing generational peers.

So how does this knowledge help us in the workplace? For starters, it gives us perspective on the generalities of our coworkers. It’s helpful to have a starting point for understanding generational differences and provides a foundation for building rapport and respect.

Yes, we may all hum a different tune, but that is what makes our workplace vibrant and lively. It’s important to embrace our generational differences so that we can mentor one another – regardless of age.

By fostering such relationships, we are Stronger Together (one of Syniti's Core Values) and create a cohesive workplace that values and respects each other's differences. Just like a favorite playlist, our teamwork becomes something we treasure and enjoy visiting repeatedly.

Perhaps now more than ever, we all have an opportunity to mix up our growth, our perspectives, and even our skills by learning from our age-different peers.

So, here’s to gaining generational understanding during Intergeneration Month and strengthening our team collaboration!

Syniti's Intergenerational Employee Resource Group

The mission of Syniti’s Intergenerational employee resource group is to bridge the cross-generational gap by providing a transparent forum to facilitate exchanges and dialogues with Synizens representing all generations. This allows us to stay true to our core values Stay Curious, Take Action, and Think Big, – all of which make us Stronger Together.



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