Variety is the Spice of Syniti

Experience our vibrant culture through diverse employee resource groups, inclusive events, and educational programs.

Syniti’s employee resource groups spiced up our first-quarter workdays with events, games, and webinars that whet our #BeCurious appetites by delivering programs that taught us more about each other and more about influential people in history.

A Recipe of Inclusion

With seven active and engaged employee resource groups, inclusion and diversity are key ingredients in our Syniti culture. Sometimes all it takes is a dash of awareness to bring understanding to an issue or our cultural differences. Sometimes, it takes a generous portion of time, planning, and commitment.

Variety is the Spice of Syniti

In January, our Black Employee Network (BEN) & Friends employee resource group took us on an expertly guided art tour highlighting the life and legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. This presentation included, but was not limited to, the newest installation of art in Boston Common representing MLK’s and his wife, Coretta’s, “Embrace” photo. In many ways, knowing the context of the sculpture helped assuage some of the comments that appeared on social media following the unveiling.

The BEN & Friends group also provided our 1,300+ employees with a list of virtual volunteer opportunities in the spirit of service to honor Dr. King, supporting our core value to #TakeAction.

When Black History Month rolled around in February, BEN & Friends was ready with a cultural menu that first took us to Shelbyville, Tennessee, where we learned more about Nathan “Nearest” Green, or Uncle Nearest as he is known in the whiskey world. This young man became a master distiller under Jack Daniels. Other history-makers shared with our Synizens was Sojourner Truth and her “Ain’t I A Woman” speech, the brave Montford Point Marines, and Canadian abolitionist Chloe Cooley.

To cap off Black History Month, BEN & Friends served up a delightful variety show from our friends at Treuer Laughs, complete with a mentalist and a rapper from the UK. It was a sweet treat.

Our International Women’s Brigade

International Women’s Day offered an appetizer to more full-course opportunities to learn about influential women in history, in technology, and within Syniti.

Throughout Women’s History Month, our Women in Technology employee resource group’s planning committee mixed up a batch of impactful quotes from women, a library of relevant TED Talks, snapshots of female history-makers, and hosted two programs spotlighting the Embrace Equity theme and hearing from female leaders within Syniti who #ThinkBig.

And because we are a competitive bunch, Women’s History Month BINGO offered prizes as icing on the proverbial cake.

Everyone Has a Seat at the Table

None of these inspiring and educational programs would be possible without leadership support, executive sponsors, and dedicated employee volunteers who give extra time to bring these programs to the table. These are all ingredients for successful diversity and inclusion programs at Syniti, and we are just getting started in 2023.

Watch for future blogs with highlights from our other employee resource groups, like our FIT Fam (Fitness Inspiration Team), LGBTQIA+, HOLA! (Hispanic/Latin), Intergenerational, and Proud to Serve (military). These groups make us #StrongerTogether.

If you or someone you know is interested in a career at Syniti, take a look at our career postings to learn more.

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