Insights into trends and best practices in enterprise data management

Data First

How Data Comes in First for Formula 1 Racing

Explore how Formula 1 uses data-driven strategies for a competitive edge, leveraging real-time insights and cloud tech for winning results.

Data Replication

The Power of Data Unification for Analytics

Facilitating data unification with data matching and replication solutions can empower your organization to fuel its analytics initiatives.

Data Matching

Data Matching Solutions: To Buy vs. Build

Improve your data accuracy and quality by buying a data matching solution. Learn why building your own can be a costly mistake in the long run.


Variety is the Spice of Syniti

Experience our vibrant culture through diverse employee resource groups, inclusive events, and educational programs.

Data Strategy

Let's Talk Data Observability

Optimizing data observability enables organizations to evaluate and understand their business data continuously. Here's what to know about...

Data Strategy

Data & Analytics Summit 2023 Recap

As machines grow more intelligent and the adoption of AI technologies become more prevalent, human judgment remains invaluable.

Data Strategy

Trusting Your Data is the New Trust Fall

According to a recent survey, 80% of senior executives trust their organization's data, but less than half believe that at least 60% of enterprise...

Data Strategy

2023 Data Trends & Predictions

Looking to the year ahead, demand is a key focus: Demand for versatile data management tools, demand for data observability, and customer demand on...

Master Data Management

Data Management for the Supply Chain

Learn how leading enterprises use data management to optimize their supply chain and remain agile despite recent disruptions to the global economy.

Data Matching

What Makes Up Next-Gen Data Matching?

A truly intelligent data matching solution interacts with your data and revolutionizes how users perform matching tasks.

Data Quality

5 Reasons Why Data Quality Initiatives Fail

While good data quality leads to better insights, workflows, and customer experience, common misconceptions about managing data can have a...

Data Migration

What is Frictionless Data Migration?

Before exploring some of the common risks and benefits associated with data migration, let’s start with establishing first what migration is and how...

Data Quality

Overcoming the Challenges of Customer Data

Data quality directly impacts business outcomes well beyond the customer experience. Learn how to overcome ever-changing customer data.

Data Migration

Modernizing Inventory and Retail Data Management

Inventory visibility is an important part of retail operations. To stay agile and create harmonized workflows, retailers and suppliers are turning to...

Data Matching

The Heartbreak of a Bad Match

Finding data matches isn't as easy as finding matches on dating apps with a simple swipe left or right. Learn more about data matching to avoid...

Data Governance

The Right Access to the Right Data

No matter the size of your company, it's time to develop a data governance strategy. Here's how to get started and what areas are essential to focus...

Data Matching

What to Look for in Data Matching Solutions

Choosing a data matching software is more than storing your data in a warehouse or CRM. Data matching solutions should intelligently analyze your...

Data Strategy

Using Data As a Business Asset for Executives

A good decision with bad data is still a bad decision. So what makes an effective data management strategy and what do you need to achieve success?

Data Strategy

2022: Trends in Data and Technology

Looking to the year ahead, focusing on the way data moves and changes throughout the company is crucial to the success of the business and its...

Data Governance

Best Practices for Data Governance

Data governance is critical to your business’ success. Here are Syniti’s six best practices for data governance.


Announcing Global DemoJam 2021 Winners!

DemoJam invites colleagues from each of our regions to show off the innovations they’ve created, performing a virtual demo of their designs.

Data Strategy

Turning Data Into Insights: The Role of the CDO

Chief Data Officers face an ever-changing role with new challenges in today's fast-paced world as they deal with scale and how to use data to drive...

Data Strategy

Best Practices for Data Hygiene

As companies look to more automated, AI-driven solutions, customer data is being held to a level of data quality previously thought to be...

Data Governance

Governance is an Opportunity, Not an Annoyance

Data governance can accelerate business opportunities and empower data constituents. It’s time to focus on the positives that data governance will...

Data Quality

The Business Value of Data and Data Quality

Data quality and the uses to which the data are put impact the ROI you will observe on the data available. Use these questions to reassess how your...

Data Migration

S/4-Transformation und Strategie

E-3 Interview mit Frank Schuler, SAP Mentor und Vice President SAP Technical Architecture bei Syniti

Data Migration

Der Wert von Unternehmensdaten

Im digitalen Zeitalter sind Daten ein Schlüsselelement für den Unternehmenserfolg – doch ihr Potenzial lässt sich nur dann voll ausschöpfen, wenn die...

Data Strategy

The Bad Habits That CIOs Need to Curb

CIOs and those handling the digital transformation of a business would benefit from reforming some old habits, leaving behind old mindsets and...

Data Strategy

Forging Digital Pace with S/4HANA

The road to get digitized can be a long, winding path dependent upon IT & business strategies companies have in place. Learn how to forge the digital...

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